Thursday is the new Saturday”: Madrid’s thursday nights are quickly becoming the centerpiece of the collegiate nightlife scene, and everyday, more people are becoming aware of it; prepare to learn about the wildest, young atmosphere in the country’s capital.

It’s almost Friday, celebrate with a night out in Madrid!

Enbabia Infused

Every great party comes with a great pregame, that’s why before showing you the hottest Thursday nightclubs, we recommend you this particular cocktail bar.

Coctelería Enbabia Infused is one of the best cocktail bars in Madrid (as said by its clients) with a very pleasant atmosphere where they serve their own, unique cocktails. A stand-alone delicacy!

Hours: 9:00pm – 4:00am

Dress Code: Casual

Nearest Metro Station: Sol

Age: +18

Type of music: Pop, Top 40, Commercial

Location: Calle de Núñez de Arce, 9, 28012 Madrid


Kapital is one of the most emblematic nightclubs in all of Europe; situated just in front of the Atocha metro station, it is well accessed from all directions, so you don’t have to worry about your trip back home. It features a young, local and international public, where no one knows anyone but everyone has something in common: everyone wants to have fun!

It boasts 7 different floors, each of which plays its own genre of music and feature its own aesthetic, without losing its elegant and exclusive atmosphere. So if you get tired of a specific song or type of music, all you need is to walk up or down a floor to experience an entirely different ambience.

Hours: 12:00am

Dress Code: Smart

Nearest Metro Station: Atocha

Age: +18

Type of Music: House, Reggaeton, Funky, Otras…

Location: Calle de Atocha, 125, 28012 Madrid

Joy Eslava: Fuego

Joy is one of the most famous and frequented nightclubs in Madrid. It hosts a different party every day of the week, each boasting its own theme. Thursday nights at Joy Eslava have become of the standards for those who look for a night of Reggaeton music in Madrid.

And if you add that Thursday nights are characterized by a young, collegiate crowd looking to have as much fun as possible, you are sure to have an exciting night.

Hours: 12:00am

Dress Code: Casual

Nearest Metro Station: Sol

Age: +18

Type of music: Reggaeton, Hits

Location: Calle del Arenal, 11, 28013 Madrid

Liberty Supper Club

Dinner, first drinks, and big parties are words that can best describe Liberty. This restaurant-nightclub is a space where dining can turn into an entire culinary experience, with its japanese fusion menu at reasonable prices.

Once the dining experience ends, around 12:00 am, the place adopts a nightlife ambience and the volume turns all the way up. The dining tables area is cleared to make way for those who have previously reserved bottles; only they have access to that area once the party has begun.

Hours: 12:00am – 6:00am

Dress Code: Elegant

Nearest Metro Station: Sol

Age: Women +19 / Men +25

Type of Music: House, Reggaeton, Pop

Location: Calle de Juan Bravo, 31, 28006 Madrid

Shoko: Funky Sweet

On a Thursday night, you can find the hottest spot in all of Madrid at Shoko, and we don’t just say it because summer has begun…

With a 18-30 year old public and the best, current hits blaring from the speakers, “Funky Sweet”, Shoko’s Thursday night event, is nationally recognized and has become a guaranteed night of excitement for Madrid’s Thursday nightlife scene.

Hours: 12:00am

Dress Code: Casual

Nearest Metro Station: Puerta de Toledo

Age: +18

Type of Music: Funky, Reggaeton, Pop

Location: Calle de Toledo, 86, 28005 Madrid


The iconic Madrid nightclub once known as “Cats” comes back with a vibrant youth spirit, renovated to adapt to the changing times. With a max capacity of about 1,400 people, it’s one of the most sought out clubs among collegiates and high schoolers, thanks to its great music and location.

Hours: 12:00am

Dress Code: Arreglado

Nearest Metro Station: Guzmán El Bueno

Age: +18

Type of Music: Reggaeton, Comercial

Location: Calle Julián Romea, 4, 28003 Madrid

Boom Room Club

Located next to Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu stadium, this club is one of the most exclusive spots in Madrid, with a highly exclusive audience and a strict dress code that demands an elegant presence; dressing up nicely doesn’t cut it.

It’s designed for a more adult public, between 25-30 years of age, and offers a wide variety of musical genres: pop, R&B, house…

If you’re looking for an elegant, exclusive atmosphere, you know where to go!

Hours: 12:00 am

Dress Code: Elegante

Nearest Metro Station: Cuzco

Age: Women +19 / Men +25

Type of Music: House, Reggaeton, Pop, Others

Location: C/ Padre Damián, 23, 28036 Madrid


What was once clubs “Moss” and “Faena” has been renovated and has become a new space which hosts special events each day of the week. It boasts new state-of-the-art sound equipment, and features sets of lasers and lights that fill the entire room, creating an amazing nightlife ambience. Add to that that most of the public is young… The party is a guarantee!


Hours: 12:00am

Dress Code: Casual

Nearest Metro Station: Atocha

Age: +18

Type of Music: Reggaeton, Pop

Location: Calle Atocha, 125, 28012 Madrid

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