Mondays: where to go out in Madrid



If you haven’t been able to go out this weekend, here are the best clubs to go out to on a Monday night in Madrid. 

Do you know what bars are open on Monday nights in Madrid?

If the answer is «No», stay tuned and discover where you can drink the night away. If you know the Madrid nightlife scene well, this article is also for you, as these newly hip venues should be added to your list. 

In truth, not a lot of bars or clubs keep their doors open til daylight, but in Madrid, there are always options to have a good time…

There are now no excuses to stay in on a Monday night in Madrid!

Joy Eslava

Joy Eslava is one of Madrid’s most iconic clubs, located just a few meters from la Puerta del Sol. This club is visited by many locals and tourists alike, and has been an integral part of the history of Madrid’s nightlife. 

This room, open to the public since 1981, has made many generations of locals groove and dance over the ages. 

The club opens every Monday, offering its «WE LOVE MONDAY» nights, where you can hear the best Top 40 music for those who seek to start the week off with the best vibes

Basic info:

Hours: 12:00am – 5:30am

Cover fee: 12€ – 15€

Consumption price: 15 €

Coatcheck: 2€

Dress Code: Casual

Nearest Metro Station: Sol

Age: +18

Type of music: Reggaeton, urban, and Top 

Le Boutique

Le Boutique, situated in the «Milla de Oro» area, is the space where art and fashion mix under a night of pure magic. 

The room is avant-garde in style, and was born with the aim of becoming a staple of Madrid’s nightlife. It boasts a luxurious interior design, a cellar with premium/limited edition bottles, and luxury service to guarantee the best experience. 

Basic info:

Hours: 12:00am – 5:00am

Cover fee: 15 – 20€

Consumption price: 5 – 15€

Coatcheck: 2€

Dress code:  Elegante

Nearest Metro Station: Serrano

Age: +18

Type of music: Reggaeton, urban, and Top 


If you haven’t heard of Opium yet, we will get you up to date. It’s a restaurant and nightclub with a young atmosphere and a touch of exclusivity in the center of Madrid. The club offers two different ambiences: one room focuses on offering great latin music, and the other room dedicates its energy to offering you electronic rhythms.

It’s one of the hottest, most praised clubs in the city, complete with fire tricks, Lamborghinis parked at the door, and other luxuries that you have to witness at least once in your life.

On Wednesdays, the club hosts its «Too Match» event, complete with urban rhythms and an audience that has been patiently waiting for this weekday to go out to this coveted club.

Will you miss out?

Basic info:

Hours: 11:30pm – 5:30am

Cover fee: Price may vary, but usually 15€

Consumption price: 12 – 16€

Coatcheck: Price may vary

Dress Code:  Formal

Nearest Metro Station: Gregorio Marañón

Age: +18 años

Type of Music: Rap, trap, urban

Bling Bling

Bling Bling is one of the hottest clubs in the city. Celebrities and famous influencers tend to come to this club! This space has won its well-deserved reputation in the city’s nightlife scene thanks to its interior design, its aesthetic, and its exclusive public. 

You can reserve private rooms in advance, they are very keen to maintaining their guests’ privacy. At this same venue, you can attend international concerts and even themed parties. 

In sum, this is the perfect club for private celebrations or for different organized events. 

Basic info:

Hours: 12:00am – 6:00am

Cover fee: 15 – 20€

Consumption price: 12 €

Coatcheck: 1,5€ / 2€

Dress Code:  Formal

Nearest Metro Station: Colón

Age: +21 for women / +24 for men

Type of music: House, Reggaeton, Top 40

But if you’re looking for something a bit more ‘chill’, take a look at these cocktail bars:



Habanera is located in the heart of Madrid, with the most chic ambience, perfect for taking pictures for social media and for disconnecting from that Monday stress with some great international fusion food. 

At night, the restaurant transforms into a fantastic cocktail bar for those who want to keep the party going or for those who just want to spend some quality time with some friends, if you’re in the mood for a more ‘relaxed’ night.

Basic info:

Hours: 1:00pm – 2:30am

Consumption price: From 9.90€

Nearest Metro Station: Colón

Location: Calle de Génova, 28, local Habanera, 28004 Madrid

La Vía Láctea

La Vía Láctea was founded in 1979 and is an iconic meeting place in the Malasaña area, where you can really appreciate the eclectic “movida madrileña” culture.

Without a doubt, La Vía Láctea is one of the favorite spots among the locals in Madrid, which is why we couldn’t leave it out. This bar, once a bunker, is walled with posters featuring the most iconic musical artists of the 80s «movida madrileña».

At this bar, you will hear: rock, pop, and indie music. These kinds of music are the bar’s signature trait!

Basic info:

Hours: 21:00 – 03:00h

Consumption price: Desde 8€

Nearest Metro Station: Alonso Martínez

Museo Chicote

Museo Chicote opened its doors in 1931 with the help of Pedro Chicote, the most iconic bartender/cocktail artist in all of Spanish history. 

This place is known for exquisite cocktails, explosions of flavors, and for being a glamorous meeting point in the city. 

If you are a lover of cocktails and are into always trying new things, you cannot miss this iconic establishment. Despite having a very long history, the bar has kept its design up-to-date, and even serves low calorie cocktails. 

Also, the bar accompanies its cocktails with a solid DJ, who mostly plays hits and classics that will surely get you off your seat!

Basic info:

Hours: 1:00pm – 3:00am

Consumption Price: From 6€

Nearest Metro Station: Gran Vía. As you can see, Madrid is a city that never stops and that offers many different nightlife options for any day of the week. 

Don’t be like Garfield: love Mondays!

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Post your experience on social media, we read all your reviews!



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